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        1. Saskatchewan NAC

          The Affordable Art Auction - Ends July 10th

          Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting is moving at the end of July, so is hosting an Affordable Art Auction with all opening bids under $100. Bidding closes July 10th. Over 250 artworks are on offer, including pieces by Bob Millard, Maria Gakovic,...

          Saskatchewan Online Art Auction - Ends May 29th

          Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting is hosting its annual spring Saskatchewan Online Art Auction with bidding closing May 29th. Bidding on this auction is available through the Saskathewan NAC DEDICATED AUCTION SITE and the Invaluable platform. 300...

          Renowned Philanthropist and Patron of the Arts Jacqueline Shumiatcher has died, at age 97

          Jacqueline Shumiatcher has died, in Regina, at age 97. Jacqui Shumiatcher was a renowned philanthropist and patron of the arts, including Regina's Globe Theatre, the Regina Symphony Orchestra, and, especially, the Mackenzie Art Gallery. In 2014 she donated...

          Margaret Jessop

          Margaret Jessop was born and raised in northern Manitoba, where she developed an early appreciation for nature.   Jessop studied ceramics and painting...

          Marlessa Wesolowski

          Saskatchewan NAC is pleased to feature Saskatoon painter Marlessa Wesolowski as our November 2012 Featured Artist. Marlessa works in acrylic...

          Open Hearted

          by NAC contributor Jess Boyachek For Saskatoon-based photographer Thelma Pepper, to discuss her portraits is to discuss her subjects: primarily older...

          Connect With Us

          Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting
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